ONE STORY AWARD was created under the motto “Shin-Shin-Bi-Zai” to expand learning opportunities from Japan to the world for language and cultural exchange and to create a place where everyone, regardless of age or environment, can challenge themselves and continue to learn and grow.

■Eligible Age and Categories

  •  Women age 20 or older


  • 20’s Story Division (20’s Category)
  • 30’s Story Division (30’s category)
  • 40’s Story Division (40’s Category)
  • 50’s Story Division (50’s Category)
  • 60’s and Over Story Division (60 years+ Category)

■Progression from Entry to the NY Competition

  1.  Online Entry
  2.  Document Screening
  3.  Beauty Camp
  4.  Regional Competition
  5.  New York Competition

Eligibility and Conditions

■20 years old or older, no age limit
■Any nationality
■No height/weight restrictions
■Students accepted
■Miss/Mrs. status irrelevant

Those who:

  • Want to feel more beautiful
  • Are interested in cultural exchange
  • Have a desire to learn
  • Would like to become an opinion leader for the global environment and future
  • Want to expand their own business
  • Are interested in various topics such as health and beauty
  • Want to enhance their inner and outer beauty
  • Dream of working globally