Under the motto “Shin-Shin-Bi-Zai”, we expand learning opportunities from Japan to the world for language and cultural exchange and create a place where everyone, regardless of age or environment, can challenge themselves and continue to learn and grow.

As a celebration of not just one individual but of each and every person’s life story, we create opportunities to connect people with others, as well as with other countries, opening the door to each individual’s potential.

Our Take on SDGs

5. “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”

Through cultural and language exchange and education, we will create opportunities for women to acquire intelligence and education as well as increase their influence and ability to communicate as opinion leaders.

10.“Reduce inequality within and among countries”
We will create opportunities to learn and grow through cultural exchange and education by connecting Japan with other countries through Zoom lessons, regardless of their age, gender, or country of residence.



To maintain mental and physical beauty.

It is about each person balancing their life’s external, internal, and spiritual aspects

and determining what is necessary now to be healthy and beautiful.